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Zixiao Shi, Aly Abdelalim, William O’Brien, Ramtin Attar, Peter Akiki, Katie Graham, Barbara Van Waarden, Stephen Fai, Alex Tessier, Azam Khan (2015)

Digital Campus Innovation Project: Integration of Building Information Modelling with Building Performance Simulation and Building Diagnostics
SimAUD 2015 Conference proceedings:
Symposium on Simulation for Architecture and Urban Design
8 pages


Rhys Goldstein, Michael Glueck, Azam Khan (2011)

Real-Time Compression of Time Series Building Performance Data
BS 2011 Conference proceedings:
International Conference of the International Building Performance Simulation Association
pp. 1057-1064

Azam Khan, Kasper Hornbaek (2011)

Big Data and the Built Environment
LARGE 2011 Conference proceedings:
Research in the Large: Using App Stores, Wide Distribution Channels & Big Data in UbiComp Research
4 pages

Ramtin Attar, Ebenezer Hailemariam, Simon Breslav, Azam Khan, Gord Kurtenbach (2011)

Sensor-enabled Cubicles for Occupant-centric Capture of Building Performance Data
ASHRAE 2011 Conference proceedings:
ASHRAE Annual Conference
8 pages


Ramtin Attar, Ebenezer Hailemariam, Michael Glueck, Alex Tessier, James McCrae, Azam Khan (2010)

BIM-based Building Performance Monitor
Symposium on Simulation for Architecture and Urban Design
April 12, 2010