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Justin Berquist, Alex Tessier, Azam Khan, William O’Brien, Ramtin Attar (2017)

An Investigation of Generative Design for Heating,Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning
SimAUD 2017 Conference proceedings:
Symposium on Simulation for Architecture and Urban Design
8 pages


Ramtin Attar, Robert Aish, Jos Stam, Duncan Brinsmead, Alex Tessier, Michael Glueck, Azam Khan (2010)

Embedded Rationality: A Unified Simulation Framework for Interactive Form-Finding
International Journal of Architectural Computing
December 2010, Volume 8, Number 4
pp. 399-418


Jos Stam (2009)

Nucleus: Towards a Unified Dynamics Solver for Computer Graphics
2009 Conference proceedings:
IEEE International Conference on Computer-Aided Design and Computer Graphics
pp. 1-11