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Cornelia Scheitz, Larry Peck, Eli Groban (2018)

Biotechnology software in the digital age: are you winning?
Journal of Industrial Microbiology & Biotechnology
January 2018, 45(7)


Max Bates, Joe Lachoff, Duncan Meech , Cornelia Scheitz, Florencio Mazzoldi, Deepak Chandran, Eli Groban (2017)

Genetic Constructor: An Online DNA Design Platform.
ACS Synthetic Biology
October 2017, 15;6(12)


Florencio Mazzoldi (2016)

Creating Life Through Generative Design
July 12, 2016

Justin Ng, Aaron Berliner, Joe Lachoff, Florencio Mazzoldi, Eli Groban (2016)

A Combinatorial Design Workflow for Search and Prioritization in Large-Scale Synthetic Biology Construct Assembly
IJCAI 2016 Conference proceedings:
International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence


Joseph Schaeffer, Michael Zyracki, Andrew Kimoto, Malte Tinnus, Yann Bertaud, Dion Amago, Florencio Mazzoldi, Merry Wang (2015)

3D Visualization Of Cadnano And Protein Data Using A Cloud Streaming Framework For Web-Based Large Model Viewing
DNA21 2015 Posters and Short Talks:
21st International Conference on DNA Computing and Molecular Programming

Shuhei Miyashita, Isabella DiDio, Ishwarya Ananthabhotla, Byoungkwon (Kwon) An, Cynthia Sung, Slava Arabagi, Daniela Rus (2015)

Folding Angle Regulation by Curved Crease Design for Self-Assembling Origami Propellers
ASME Journal of Mechanisms and Robotics
August 2015, Volume 7, Issue 3
21 pages

Michael Zyracki, Andrew Kimoto, Malte Tinnus, Yann Bertaud, Dion Amago, Florencio Mazzoldi, Merry Wang (2015)

3D Visualization Of Molecular Data Using A Cloud-Based Streaming Framework For Web-Based Large Model Viewing
2015 Posters and Short Talks:
The Fifth Symposium on Biological Data Visualization


Dan Raviv, Wei Zhao, Carrie McKnelly, Athina Papadopoulou, Achuta Kadambi, Boxin Shi, Shai Hirsch, Daniel Dikovsky, Michael Zyracki, Carlos Olguin, Ramesh Raskar, Skylar Tibbits (2014)

Active Printed Materials for Complex Self-Evolving Deformations
Whitepaper Scientific Reports
December 18, 2014

8 pages


Andrew Hessel (2012)

Hacking the President's DNA
The Atlantic
November 02, 2012

Patrick Boyle, Devin R Burril, Mara C Inniss, Christina M Agapakis, Aaron Deardon, Jonathan DeWerd, Michael Geodeon, Jacqueline Quinn, Morgan Paull, Anugraha Raman, Mark Theilmann, Lu Wang, Julia Winn, Oliver Medvedik, Kurt Schellenberg, Karmella Haynes, Alain Viel, Tamara Brenner, George Church, Jagesh Shah, Pamela Silver (2012)

A BioBrick Compatible Strategy for Genetic Modification of Plants.
Journal of Biological Engineering
June 2012, 6:8
7 pages


Carlos Olguin, Wei Zhao (2011)

From Games and Films to Molecular Simulation and Design
2011 Conference proceedings:
Nanotech Conference and Expo
4 pages


Deepak Chandran (2009)

Mathematical modeling and synthetic biology
Drug Discovery Today: Disease Models
September 2009, Volume 5(4)
pp. 299-309

Deepak Chandran (2009)

TinkerCell: modular CAD tool for Synthetic Biology
Journal of Biological Engineering
July 2009, Volume 3
17 pages