Product Contributions
Product Contributions

Autodesk Research technology is available in many Autodesk Products

Product Contributions

We strive to get our technology in the hands of as many Autodesk customers as possible. Autodesk Research has contributed many things to Autodesk products including new user interface paradigms, learning tools, simulation and design tools. The technology is also listed by product. From time to time we share technology previews of works in progress.

User Interface Contributions

Marking Menus


Tracking Menus

AutoCam (View Cube, Show Motion and Steering Wheels)

Learning Tools


Design Tools

Research Contributions by Product


  • Version 1.0 user interface interaction model
  • Nucleus


  • Product concept
  • User interface


  • User interface
  • Tool arc
  • Marking menus
  • Layer editor
  • Pan/zoom puck

Active Technology Previews

Past Technology Previews

  • Chronicle
  • Wet Lab Accelerator