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Toronto's Social Innovation Mayor Visits San Francisco, Discussing Partnership Opportunities with Autodesk on MaRS
On April 5th, Amar Hanspal, Gord Kurtenbach, Ramtin Attar and Erin Bradner hosted Toronto Mayor...
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TSXignite will be coming to Toronto on April 6, 2016. Attendees will hear from some...
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Ten Years of DNA Origami
Autodesk is sponsoring Ten Years of DNA Origami at the California Institute of Technology in...
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Can Toronto Region Become a Top 5 Global Human Health & Sciences Cluster?
Gord Kurtenbach will be a panellist at the TO Health! summit exploring "Can Toronto Region...
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The Art of Fluid Animation Tech Talk
Recently, Jos has finished his (first) book, titled “The Art of Fluid Animation.” In this...
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Meshmixer 3.0
Autodesk Research, in collaboration with the Autodesk Consumer Group , is pleased to announce the...
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Moving to MaRS Announcement
We are moving to MaRS! The entire Autodesk Toronto office, over 250 people, will be...
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