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Truly Make Anything with Autodesk
Genetic Constructor and Molecule Viewer are two genetic design tools that let you design living...
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Designing Wind Musical Instruments for 3D Printing
A team of researchers has created Printone, a design software tool for creating 3D printed...
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Azam Khan on IoT Day with Techstars IoT Panel
Azam Khan is invited to participate in the Techstars IoT Day panel in New York...
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The era of eras is over
If not cost per square foot of usable space, then what? How do you go...
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Beyond Organic Shapes
Connecting the Biomimicry Dots In 2014, Autodesk acquired The Living, a New York-based architecture and...
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Meshmixer is Used to Rebuild Child's Ear
A Scottish hospital is using 3D scanning technology to create new ears for children.
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Q & A With Ramtin Attar
As a Senior Principal Research Scientist and Head of Design & Social Impact at Autodesk...
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