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National Youth Leadership & Innovation Strategy Summit
On April 29 & 30, the country’s most innovative employers, youth leadership organizations and top...
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Don’t like the buttons on your toaster? Just print your own
Think you’d do a better job designing your household appliances than the manufacturers? You could...
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Dr. Erin Bradner says "You're very welcome" to Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School
One of my colleagues, Dr. Erin Bradner, works on our Project Dreamcatcher software. Dreamcatcher is...
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RetroFab system retrofits and connects appliances using 3D printed proxy interfaces and sensors
As our lives become increasingly filled with devices and appliances that can be conveniently controlled...
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Autodesk Research: Update Legacy Devices Yourself via Easy 3D Modeling & 3D Printing with RetroFab
With the advent of the Internet of Things, the future sounds exciting, but many of...
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The Swingarm produced with Dreamcatcher is featured in Paris at Le Lieu du Design through July
The first Dreamcatcher artifact ever to be produced… the beloved swingarm… is now being exhibited...
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Jacky Bibliowicz profiled on the ACM SIGGRAPH
I’m a Research Scientist at Autodesk Research and I’ve worked there since Oct. 2008, first...
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Toronto's Social Innovation Mayor Visits San Francisco, Discussing Partnership Opportunities with Autodesk on MaRS
On April 5th, Amar Hanspal, Gord Kurtenbach, Ramtin Attar and Erin Bradner hosted Toronto Mayor...
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TSXignite will be coming to Toronto on April 6, 2016. Attendees will hear from some...
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