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Can Toronto Region Become a Top 5 Global Human Health & Sciences Cluster?
Gord Kurtenbach will be a panellist at the TO Health! summit exploring "Can Toronto Region...
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Autodesk Hive Project Rated #1 at Autodesk University 2015 by HingePoint
The Hive is what HingePoint believes to be the most interesting and innovative exhibit we...
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Björk premiere: 'Making Of Black Lake'
A short film chronicling the making of Bjork’s “Black Lake” video, produced by Autodesk has...
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LLNL & Autodesk 3D Printing Football Helmets, Overhauling Sports Equipment Construction
The helmet is meant to prevent head injuries, obviously, but with the amount of power...
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3D Printing Football Helmets at Microscopic Levels
New research suggests that though modern football helmets have all but eliminated traumatic skull fractures...
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Can Engineering Prevent Concussions in the Super Bowl
With the NFL’s Super Bowl 50 championship game coming up, it’s hard to ignore the...
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The Art of Fluid Animation Tech Talk
Recently, Jos has finished his (first) book, titled “The Art of Fluid Animation.” In this...
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Autodesk University 2015 Jedi academy
Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Jeff Kowalski had two impressive demonstrations of the company’s Project Dreamcatcher...
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Autodesk and Airbus generatively design a 3D-printed “bionic” partition for the A320
One of the coolest news items to break during AU 2015 was the collaboration between...
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