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Bio/Nano Research

Larry Peck
Head of Bio/Nano Research Group

We research the intersection of bio/nano and the design spaces currently supported by Autodesk software such as manufacturing and the building industry. Equally important, we explore and drive the emergent design spaces enabled by bio/nano such as synthetic biology.

Today, the design paradigm behind programmable matter is one that can be gradually applied to concrete projects across a range of domains and metric scales. The cross-pollination across projects will help create a robust scale-free body of knowledge.

Current Projects


Project Cyborg

Project Cyborg is a cloud-based meta-platform of design tools for programming matter across domains and scales. Project Cyborg provides elastic cloud-based computation in a web-based CAD shell for services such as modeling, simulation and multi-objective design optimization.

  • 4D Printing
    Partner: Skylar Tibbits, Self Assembly Lab Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • BiomeView
    Partner: Jessica Green, Biology and Built Environment (BioBE) Center University of Oregon

Past Projects

Research Collaborations

We collaborate with researchers around the world to co-envision the design paradigms and tools needed to understand and exploit the intersection of design and life & materials sciences.

Partnership with the Autodesk IDEA Studio

The Autodesk® IDEA Studio is a residency program for designers, engineers, artists, and scholars who are pursuing innovative projects that push design technology to its limits to solve real-life problems.


Autodesk Group Members

Dion Amago
Kwon An
Ahmad Ansari
Nohad Badran-Videau
Max Bates
Aaron Berliner
Xiaoqing Cao
Deepak Chandran
David Delp
Isabelle Forter
Lawson Fulton
Andrew Hessel
Andrew Kimoto
Joe Lachoff
Florencio Mazzoldi
Taylor Milsal
Josh Natarajan
Carlos Olguin
Cesar Rodriguez
Susan Salkeld
Joseph Schaeffer
Daniel Tesfay
Malte Tinnus
Chris Venter
Aaron Virshup
Merry Wang
Wei Zhao
Michael Zyracki

Autodesk Affiliated Members

Simon Breslav
Francesco Iorio
Eddy Kuo
Michael Lee
Jos Stam
Alex Tessier
Justin Robert Mahon
Cody James Byrnes

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Recent Publications

From Games and Films to Molecular Simulation and Design (2011)

Conference Partnerships

GET Conference
Quantified Self
Open Science Summit
FutureLab Camp
BioBricks Foundation SB6.0


SBOL: Synthetic Biology Open Language

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